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I attended a seminar session last year in Austin, Texas on the topic of helping those applying for Social Security disability benefits with their initial applications. The lawyer making the presentation said that, like a rancher, a lawyer should “make money on the herd, not on the cattle.” Translation: Don’t look at the potential

Reconsideration is the next step in the Social Security disability adjudication process for those who are initially denied after applying for disability. As the waterfall chart shows, obtaining disability benefits at Reconsideration is the exception, rather than the rule.

I had a client just awarded benefits at Reconsideration on a long-haul COVID claim, so Reconsideration

NOSSCR has developed what it calls a “Hearing Format Election Statement,” which is an excellent one-page, fillable form that contains all four types of hearing modalities (in-person, VTC, telephone, and online video) and allows for a simple way to notify the hearing office of how the claimant wants to appear at their hearing.

Using NOSSCR’s

The “waterfall” chart shows what percentage of disability claims were allowed and denied nationwide at each level of review. Social Security publishes this chart each year.

  • Just 15% of the claims appealed were allowed at Reconsideration. So 5
  • As dedicated readers know, at Step 5 of the disability sequential evaluation, Social Security uses the Medical-Vocational Guidliness to determine disability. The guidelines, or “grids,” direct a finding of “disabled” or “not disabled” based upon a person’s age, physical RFC, education and past work/transferable skills.

    If the medical-vocational guidlines direct a result of “disabled,”

    Effective today, December 1, 2022, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”) have been amended to include Supplemental Rules for Social Security Civil Actions under 42 U.S.C. § 405(g).

    According to NOSSCR’s email to its members, highlights of the new rules include:

    Pleading Requirements for the Complaint
    Under the new FRCP Rule 2, a complaint

    When one of my clients is awarded disability benefits, I like to write a short letter to the local Social Security field office, asking them to quickly process the disability claim. I want the local office to send the claim promptly to the Social Security Payment Center for payment.

    When the person  awarded Social Security