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In January, Social Security added claims at Initial and Reconsideration to its status report in Electronic Records Express (ERE). After 5 months using this additional feature, I have found it to be hugely helpful. It is a marked improvement for those of us managing Social Security disability claims.

Social Security has now added more data to this report. A Representative can now download an Excel spreadsheet that provides additional information, including:

  • Case level (Initial or Reconsideration)
  • Receipt date (date received at DDS)
  • First date assigned to an adjuster
  • Closure date
  • Federal Quality Review (FQR) start date

This is a terrific update. You can now see at a glance if the case has been received by DDS, assigned to a disability examiner, if it was closed and when, and if it was sent to Federal Quality Review. Each one of these items previously required a telephone call to the field office or to DDS to determine status.