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When I talk with clients and potential clients, I often hear stories about their inability to find work. Unfortunately, whether or not you can realistically get hired for a job is not a consideration for Social Security disability benefits. Instead, the SSA must find that you are unable to work before you will be awarded disability

Colorado Springs disability attorney Tomasz Stasiuk recently published an article entitled Criminal records, hire-ability, and Social Security disability. He writes:

The problem is that in disability cases, Social Security does not take hire-ability into consideration when deciding if an individual is disabled. In Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases, Social Security

The ability to lift and/or carry is one of the basic building blocks of a worker's Residual Functional Capacity (RFC). However, the focus is almost always on the lifting, and it shouldn't be.

I had a conversation recently with a client with leg problems due to neuropathy. I asked about lifting 20 pounds (required

An error in the Explanation of Determination attached to your denial letter can present an opportunity for your Social Security disability attorney to practice some legal jujitsu. The error can be used to support an argument for reversal at the next stage of review. This argument is the most powerful when, but for the error in analysis