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When the SSA reviews your initial disability claim, it obtains your medical records, and determines your residual functional capacity after analyzing those records. The problem with this approach is that the SSA does not obtain your doctor's opinion about your limitations. Rather, the SSA reviews your medical records and makes its own determination.

However, a

When Social Security receives your disability claim, it reviews your medical records, and makes a determination on your claim. The SSA rarely obtains your doctor's opinion about your work-related functional limitations.

Rather, the SSA makes its own determination of your functional limitations. An in-house doctor infers your limitations from your medical records and the disability claim file, and

In a recent post entitled Treatment Records, New York disability attorney Jeffrey Delott stated:

Treatment notes basically serve as a way to remind the physician of things she or he may need to remember at a follow up visit. Many relevant physical exam findings are not included either because, for example, they may have

I recently came across this website for two Florida chiropractors who are holding themselves out as Social Security disability specialists representing Social Security disability claimants nationwide.

The site repeats this statement several times: The Social Security Administration requires that, "You must prove the MEDICAL condition, NOT the legal reason why you cannot work." The clear

A medical source statement is an important piece of evidence in a Social Security disability claim. The opinion of your treating doctor regarding your functional limitations should be given controlling weight by the SSA, if the opinion is not inconsistent with the other substantial evidence in the case record. 20 C.F.R. 404.1527(d)(2).

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