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The frequency of your medical treatment is an important factor in your Social Security disability claim. A diagnosis is a first step, but a judge must evaluate your functional limitations due to your medical condition. And when evaluating the seriousness of your functional limitations, regular doctor visits are helpful. Looking at the cases of mine that were not granted in the past year or so, the lack of medical treatment played a role in almost every one.

There a lots of reasons not to go to the doctor. There are co-pays. Sometimes there is little the doctor can do for you. Perhaps you do not want to complain to the doctor about your daily struggles. But without regular doctor visits, you may have an uphill battle for disability benefits.

Also, the more the doctor sees you and is familiar with your condition, the more likely that the doctor will provide an opinion regarding your functional limitations. Those opinions are often the most persuasive medical evidence available to a person seeking disability benefits.

So please, go to the doctor.