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When the SSA receives your initial disability claim, it reviews your medical records, and determines your RFC. The problem with this approach is that the SSA does not obtain your doctor's opinion about your limitations. Rather, the SSA reviews your medical records and makes its own determination. 

The SSA's approach was described in a recent post on Tim Moore's My

Social Security defines by regulation the “acceptable medical sources” that can establish your medically determinable impairments and their severity. Physicians and psychologists are of course included. So are optometrists (only for matters of visual acuity and visual fields) and podiatrists (only for impairments of the foot).

Notably, licensed clinical social workers, counselors and therapists are

A medical source statement is an opinion from your doctor regarding the nature and severity of your limitations due to your medically-determinable impairments. A medical source statement is often simply a form that is completed and signed by your doctor. The name derives from a section of the regulation describing medical opinion evidence.

The SSA must give controlling

Your medical records – the doctor’s treatment notes and progress notes – are created to keep track of your medical care, as a tool to assist your doctor with your treatment. Those notes are not created to be used for the purpose of establishing a disability claim. However, your medical records are the principal evidence