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A medical source statement from your treating doctor is a crucial piece of evidence for your Social Security disability claim.

Veterans applying for Social Security disability often receive all their medical care through the VA. It has been a challenge (to say the least) to get VA health care providers to complete Social Security assessment forms.

As an example, look at the letter I received from the Manchester VA hospital after asking the treating PA to complete form HA-1151-BK, which is the official Social Security form for a medical source statement of ability to do work-related activities (physical). The VA letter basically says "It is not our job to do these forms."

Well, the VA has a new directive explaining that VA policy requires medical providers to complete medical assessments for their patients. The directive states that VA providers are required "to honor requests by veterans for assistance in completing non-VA forms regarding their current health conditions and functional impairment." The directive expressly lists Social Security forms among those that must be completed by VA medical providers.

Hat tip to San Francisco Social Security attorney Geri Kahn at the California Social Security Lawyer Blog for writing about the VA's new directive. Geri's post is appropriately titled "Veterans may now find it easier to get their providers to fill out Social Security forms."