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The latest statistics for average processing time have been released by the SSA and distributed by NOSSCR in its May 2010 newsletter. The Manchester, NH Social Security hearing office has an average wait time of 416 days, or about 14 months, for a decision.

Processing time runs from the day the hearing office receives your

The latest statistics for average processing times for the Social Security hearing offices just arrived. The average processing time for the Portland, Maine hearing office stands at 327 days – just about 11 months. 

Processing time runs from the day the hearing office receives your hearing request to the day a decision is issued. The


The latest statistics have been released regarding average processing times in the hearing offices around the country. The Portland, Maine ODAR remains #1 in the country with an average processing time of 274 days. This is a remarkable performance, and the hearing office director, judges and staff at the Portland ODAR deserve kudos for

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Administrative law judge Fred Harap has retired. Judge Harap has been a fixture at the Manchester, New Hampshire Social Security hearing office for many, many years. He will certainly be missed.

There is no word yet whether Judge Harap will remain in New Hampshire in retirement, or move to Hawaii, where his son lives. As I

The latest statistics on processing times at Social Security hearing offices have been released. The Portland, Maine ODAR is now number 3 in the country, with an average processing time of just 252 days. This is a remarkable achievement. With 5 resident ALJ's and a "guest" ALJ hearing claims by videoconference for the next few

The Nashua, New Hampshire Social Security field office has reopened. That office had been closed since October 27th due to water damage in the building.

A trip to your local Social Security office may not be necessary. There are many routine tasks that you can complete online.