Welcome! This site is written for Social Security disability claimants, for their legal representatives, and for the network of people involved in the Social Security disability claim process. I hope you find it helpful.
Free Claim Review

We just got the news that a client's initial disability claim was granted. I could not be more pleased. 

This client is over 55 years old and has a 30 year work record. He came to see me before applying for disability benefits. We were able to gather all the important details before completing the online application. We listed all his medical sources. We wrote a detailed work history report. We explained in the application what his functional limitations were, and why his past relevant work was precluded. This process takes several hours.

For the lawyer, it means front-loading the time spent on a disability claim. The hours of getting to know a client, the medical history and work history, are all spent before even applying for benefits.

For the claimant, getting help prior to the application process means that common mistakes are avoided, all the necessary details are included, and the application is supported by a winning theory of the case.

If you can no longer do the sort of work you've done in the past, consider getting a disability lawyer involved early in the process.