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Every now and then, you just have to savor a victory.

I had a hearing recently in Boston for a client with severe symptoms of chronic lyme disease, and the claim has now been granted. I spent a great deal of time working on the case, and even more time worrying about it as the hearing approached. I am elated with the result.

The two interesting aspects to the case are that the disability claimant had been working successfully as a physician before becoming disabled due to her symptoms, and also (and this was a huge potential stumbling block) the claim had a date last insured (DLI) of March 31, 2004. Yes, that's 2004.

Fortunately, the client had an extensive record of medical treatment dating back before the DLI, and were able to obtain retrospective opinions from two specialists who treated our client for many years around that time. Further, we were also fortunate to draw a lyme-literate administrative law judge, who understood the cognitive impairments that can occur when lyme disease is undiagnosed/untreated for years.

The judge definitely made the correct decision in this case.

I am pleased for our client, and for the positive difference that Social Security disability benefits will make in her life. I am pleased that the system worked the way it should work; justice was done. And I am pleased that my efforts, and the efforts of my peerless staff, achieved an remarkable outcome for our client.