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I enjoy my Social Security disability law practice. I have focused on this area of law for over 15 years, and I know what a difference an award of disability benefits can make to my clients.

I learned of a Fully Favorable decision for a client earlier this week. This case was out of the

Ascites, which is fluid build-up in the abdomen, can occur when pressure builds up in the veins of the liver and the liver doesn’t function as it should. The most common cause of ascites is cirrhosis of the liver. The abdominal fluid can be drained periodically by a procedure called paracentesis. Patients with

Step 3 of Social Security’s 5-step sequential evaluation process is a determination whether or not a disability claimant “meets or equals a listing.” The Social Security Administration has regulations describing more than 150 categories of medical conditions. These are called “listed impairments,” or “listings.” The listed impairments are medical conditions that are severe