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When talking with Social Security disability claimants, I often hear a statement like "I can't work because I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder" (or degenerative disc disease, or fibromyalgia). The claimant makes the statement like the matter is settled. The reasoning seems to be: since there is a doctor's diagnosis of my impairment, my disability claim should

Severe depression or anxiety is often a component of a Social Security disability claim. For claims involving mental health, the Global Assessment of Functioning score assessed by your mental health provider can provide a convenient benchmark for the administrative law judge.

The GAF scale is Axis V of the multiaxial assessment used by mental health clinicians. The GAF score offers a

Post-polio sequelae (also called post polio syndrome or PPS) are often disabling symptoms that occur in many polio survivors much later in life, about 35 years after the poliovirus attack. The symptoms may include overwhelming fatigue, muscle weakness, chronic muscle and joint pain, sleep disorders, as well as difficulty swallowing and breathing.

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