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NOSSCR developed a “Hearing Format Election Statement,” which is an excellent one-page, fillable form that contains all four types of hearing modalities (in-person, VTC from the hearing office, telephone, and online video) and allows for a simple way to notify the hearing office of how the claimant wants to appear at their hearing.

Using NOSSCR’s form, this information can be communicated to the hearing office on a single, straightforward form. It avoids using SSA’s forms (the HA-55 and the COVID-19 Remote Hearing Agreement Form), which claimant’s often find confusing.

I wrote about this form back in March, but it is worth mentioning again. I use this form regularly to respond to the hearing acknowledgement letter and the remote hearing options letter, which are sent routinely by the hearing office after a hearing request is processed.

11/07/2023 update: Social Security has (finally) added the document type “Objection to Video Hearing” to the dropdown list on the Electronic Records Express (ERE). It can be found at the bottom of the dropdown list. You can now upload the hearing format form electronically and it will be placed in the B section of the electronic folder.