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At the close of a hearing, sometimes post-hearing argument is needed. Social Security's rules allow for oral and/or written post-hearing argument, upon request. See HALLEX section I-2-6-76.

I prefer to submit a post-hearing brief, rather than make a statement at the close of the hearing. I think a brief has far more impact.

The benefit of a post-hearing brief was demonstrated recently when I had testimony from a medical expert (ME) at the hearing that needed to be addressed. I submitted a post hearing brief stating that, given the specific testimony of the ME, the disability claim must be granted under Social Security's rules. The judge agreed, expressly adopting the reasoning from the post hearing brief, and quoting from the brief in the written decision. The case was granted. But it very well might not have been granted without the post hearing brief. 

Don't miss an opportunity to help your client. Write a post-hearing brief when needed.