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There is an excellent post over at the Social Security Disability Hacker blog, entitled Tips for Effective Hearing Representation. I mentioned it in last week's roundup, but the article deserves more attention, because it has so much good information.

The post is a summary of the NOSSCR conference presentation by Charles Martin and Sarah Bohr. Both these attorneys focus their practice on appellate work. So in the course of their appeals and reading all those transcripts of disability hearings, they see where the claims went wrong at hearing.

I have attended similar presentations by Mr. Martin and Ms. Bohr at previous NOSSCR conferences. Their presentation always offers real action items for your next hearing. Their tips are captured well in the post, which was contributed by James W. Keeter, Esq. You should read the post before preparing for your next hearing.

I think that these tips are required for effective hearing representation. If you are not doing these things, you are not going to be as effective as you should be.