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I wrote two weeks ago about the amazing timeline of one of my Social Security disability cases. To recap, because the bank was foreclosing on the claimant's home, both the local Social Security office and the Portland, Maine hearing office expedited the disability appeal. A hearing was scheduled within 5 weeks from the claimant's receipt of the Reconsideration denial notice from DDS. On the day of the hearing, the U.S. Administrative Law Judge extended his hearing schedule to issue a bench decision granting the disability claim.

Well, the amazing timeline continues. The claimant has now been paid her retroactive benefits. The SSA electronically transferred the funds directly to her bank account. The money arrived yesterday. That's 7 weeks to the day from the date of the Reconsideration denial notice. 7 weeks from denial to receipt of benefits! Kudos to the Social Security payment center for acting quickly in this critical case.

I can't describe the relief I heard from the client when I called to say the claim has been paid. The retroactive benefits are more than enough to get caught up with the bank on the mortgage, and she will have an ongoing disability check to get by.