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I received a fully favorable decision today from the Social Security Administration for one of my clients. Now, that is not unusual, but I have spent an unusual amount of time on this particular case, so it was very gratifying to get the fully favorable decision.

The client has chronic pain secondary to Lyme disease, and has been having a rough time. It was important to get a decision as soon as possible, without waiting the year that it takes in Maine to get a hearing before an administrative law judge.

Fortunately, the client has a very supportive primary care doctor, and also has been consulting a leading Lyme disease specialist from Boston. So the medical evidence was there. But chronic pain and chronic fatigue cases can be difficult to get granted "on the record" without a hearing. It took months of phone calls and letters and updated medical opinions to persuade the SSA.

Every case has a story. I am glad this story will have a happy ending. The client will recover from the Lyme disease, and then will be able to return to work. Meanwhile, however, the client will receive well deserved Title II Social Security disability benefits.