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One of the quirky things about disability claims at the initial and reconsideration levels is that Social Security does not send you a letter when you are awarded disability benefits. A denial letter is quickly sent if a claim is denied, but not so with claims that are allowed. A letter is sent when the allowance is only partially favorable, and an onset date later than the one alleged was used. Eventually, a “notice of award” letter is sent for all allowed claims, but usually not until the past-due benefits have been paid.

Since Social Security does not promptly notify successful disability claimants, I am happy to do it. I monitor all my claims at DDS, so I usually know pretty quickly when a determination has been made. Usually I just pick up the phone to give my client the good news. But sometimes the client is away from the phone. Rather than leave a voicemail, I send a quick email that answers the most commonly-asked questions. Here is one I sent today:

Hi Jane,

Social Security has granted your claim for disability benefits at Reconsideration.

Your claim was allowed as of your alleged onset date, 2/25/2022.

Social Security does not pay benefits for the first 5 full calendar months of disability, so your eligibility date (when benefits start) is August 1, 2022. You will be eligible for Medicare insurance 24 months after that, or August 1, 2024.

Your current monthly benefit will be around $1,370 a month.

Currently the claim is being processed in the local field office. They already have your direct deposit information. They will transmit your claim to a payment center, where your benefits will be calculated and paid.

Let me know when the money lands in your account (with luck, perhaps by the end of the month).

You will receive, fairly soon, a “Notice of Award” letter explaining how your benefits were calculated, and specifying the amount of my fee, which they will pay directly to me.

Obviously, this is great news! I am so pleased we were able to obtain benefits at this stage, without having to wait for a hearing. The opinion from your doctor definitely helped.

I am available if you have any questions,


It is my favorite e-mail to write.