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Social Security has begun sending out Form SSA-4547, Advance Designation of Representative Payee, to certain disability claimants. I got a call last week from a client who received the form in the mail, and inferred that her Title II disability claim must have been granted at Reconsideration. But no. Her claim is still pending at Reconsideration.

Only a small fraction of people receiving disability benefits need a Rep payee. Why would Social Security send out this form to someone with a pending claim? Why go to all the trouble, just in case that person’s claim is granted and they might need Rep payee? The new POMS Section on the issue doesn’t say.

Here is the Social Security’s Representative Payee information page, and a link to the information page on Advance Designation of Representative Payee.

Some of your clients may start getting these forms from SSA, and may think that their pending disability claims have been approved.