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The hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge is critically important, because it is the only time that you are in the same room with the person deciding your claim for disability benefits.

The primary purpose of the hearing is to take your testimony. Many clients do not realize this, and have an expectation that the hearing is when their lawyer puts on the case. The client may assume that the lawyer will describe their functional limitations to the judge, backed up by the medical records and medical opinion evidence, and that the client is present mainly as an observer. That's not how it goes.

You will be testifying at your hearing. This means that you will be answering questions, from the judge and your lawyer. The judge wants to see you, hear you, and understand the basis of your claim for disability. And the judge wants to address any inconsistencies in your file. 

At the end of the hearing, the person applying for disability benefits will have done most of the talking. And that is the way it should be.