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A headwind is blowing for those applying for Social Security disability benefits these days. It is getting harder to get claims approved, and it is more important than ever to have excellent representation before the SSA.

If an administrative law judge is now just granting 50% of claims, you had better make sure that everything possible is done to make your claim one of the 50% that is approved rather than one of the 50% that is denied. You must be prepared for your hearing.

The same is true for those filing an initial application for disability benefits. In the current environment, the opportunity to have your benefits approved at the initial application should not be squandered. In my view, a lawyer's help from the beginning provides many benefits, particularly for those who are age 55 or over.


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If you are considering an application for Social Security disability benefits, or have already applied and want assistance with your claim, please contact Gordon Gates for a free consultation.