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The Social Security Electronic Records Express (ERE) system now allows a claimant representative to access the status of his/her claims pending at the Social Security hearing offices.

Just log into your ERE account. There is now a selection in the list of Appointed Representative Services to "Get Hearing Office Status Report."

The status of your claims at the hearing level can be viewed online. The online "quick view" shows your 100 oldest claims, by hearing request date. This makes sense, since these are the claims that are being scheduled for hearings, or have recently had hearings. The list appears to be in real time.

I checked the status of my claims and found the new system to work well. There were a quite a few closed cases still on the report, however, and it may take as long as three months for a closed claim to disappear from the report.

The list of your pending claims can be downloaded into a spreadsheet as well. The spreadsheet version has additional information, such as whether a decided claim was favorable, unfavorable or a dismissal.

I expect this online report will replace the T3 Representative Report that was provided to representatives by many hearing offices.

This is a welcome upgrade to the Representative Services available online. Hat tip to Charles Hall for writing first about the ERE update.


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