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Photo: Bridget having a snack

Today is February 29th, a date that only occurs every four years. So I wanted to reflect briefly on the past four years of my life and practice.

A lot can change in four years.

Most of my clients were able to work productively four years ago. It is a huge life change to go from working to not being able to work, and to endure the many hardships (often including poor health and financial stress) that go along with disability.

On a personal note, my wife Joanna and I had just moved into our home in Kennebunk four years ago. Our daughter Bridget, pictured above, was still two years away. I knew a lot less about a lot of things. 

Professionally, four years ago this blog was just in the planning stages (now, I cannot imagine my professional life without it). My law practice has grown in the past four years, and these days there is a second lawyer, a paralegal, and a legal assistant in the office. 

A lot can change in four years, and it is worth taking a look back on this Leap Day.