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I got one of those sad calls this week from a person who attended her administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing unrepresented. A friend of hers told her that she did not need a lawyer, and she took that advice.

Her expectation, completely unrealistic, was that she would go to the hearing, tell the judge her symptoms, and would receive disability benefits. So the medical record was not complete, and there were no opinions from her treating doctors in the disability claim file.

Now she has received an unfavorable ALJ decision, and has a past date last insured. She does not qualify financially for SSI. Even if she appeals the unfavorable ALJ decision, her liklihood of receiving disability benefits is extremely remote. It is just a sad story.

You should not go to a Social Security administrative law judge hearing unrepresented. There are things that a lawyer does that help to achieve a favorable outcome. And since there is no attorney fee unless you receive benefits, there is no risk to you.

Do not become another sad story. Get help with your disability claim. A lawyer's assistance is more important now than ever.



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