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I have received several calls lately from individuals who are currently receiving Social Security disability benefits, and have just gotten a letter from the SSA saying that their disability status is being reviewed. Obviously, the receipt of such a letter causes a great deal of concern.

Social Security periodically conducts continuing disability reviews (CDRs) of those receiving disability or SSI benefits. See 20 C.F.R. 404.1589.

A medical review determines if an individual continues to meet the medical requirements to collect disability benefits. If the person does not meet the medical requirements, the SSA may terminate that person’s disability benefits. These reviews are scheduled every few years, depending upon the likelihood of medical improvement in a particular case. However, I believe the current political climate has led the SSA to devote more of its limited resources to CDRs.

If you are notified of a continuing disability review, do not ignore the SSA’s request for records and forms. Provide the required information. The worst thing to do is to not respond to the SSA’s request.

Should you receive a notice that your benefits are being terminated, appeal right away – within 10 days. You will then receive ongoing benefits while your appeal is pending.