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I was scheduled this morning to be at a Social Security administrative hearing. But the administrative law judge, after reviewing the claim prior to the hearing (including the treatment summary and medical source statement from the treating psychiatrist), granted the claim on the record. As a result, the hearing was cancelled, and a fully favorable decision will arrive in the mail.

The client is immensely relieved and grateful. Every claimant has some anxiety and stress about the administrative law judge hearing. For claimants who are already suffering from anxiety and stress issues, the pre-hearing apprehension can be overwhelming. 

I understand that some judges want to conduct a hearing once one is scheduled, and want the opportunity to see and hear the claimant. But I appreciate those judges who, after reviewing the record, realize that the claim will be certainly granted, and make an on the record decision. It is a generous act to spare a disability claimant the anxiety and stress that accompany a hearing.