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I am in a stretch of time where my local hearing offices (Portland, Maine and Manchester, New Hampshire) have scheduled only a very few hearings for my clients. Naturally, the summer season in Maine is a perfect time to have things slow down a little. Everyone can get caught up on vacation while the weather is beautiful. We also have a U.S District Court brief due soon. But this office has two lawyers, a paralegal and a legal assistant. What to do when the hearing schedule is slow?

Here is the strategy I have devised:

  • We are getting a head start on the claims that we know will be scheduled in the Fall.
  • We are writing on the record requests for every claim that we can identify as appropriate. Not only will these requests get some of these claims granted, but the claims that are not granted are basically all set for hearing.
  • We are redoubling our efforts to communicate frequently with our clients. This is a process we already started, and we know that the earlier we delve deep into a claim, the better.
  • I have taken the opportunity to focus on outreach. It is not happenstance that our ebook, 10 steps to prepare for your Social Security disability hearing, was released this week.

What else? What would you do? Please feel free to leave a comment.


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