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Vocational rehabilitation records can provide persuasive evidence for a Social Security disability claim.

First, the records show that a claimant has been trying to find work, in spite of his or her impairments. This can be important, because an ALJ often considers the claimant's motivation to work when determining a disability claim.

I also like voc rehab records because they add a practical element to the disability process. The disability process – particularly with vocational expert testimony at a hearing – can be so theoretical. The vocational records shine the harsh light of reality onto the process. The vocational rehabilitation records almost scream out: We can't find a job that this person can perform. We tried. Couldn't do it.

I cannot remember a claim I lost when I had strong vocational rehabilitation evidence. So get the vocational rehabilitation records. And ask the claimant's vocational rehabilitation counselor for an opinion letter regarding the claimant's employment prospects. It can be persuasive evidence in support of a disability claim.