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This is the 200th post on the Social Security Disability Lawyer blog. I've been thinking about it, and I feel that I just have to acknowledge the milestone.

I did not anticipate this when I began, but the blog has become part of my daily life. My first post was exactly 16 months ago, on May 10, 2008. My 100th post was 8 months later. And here we are at post number 200. I am proud to have maintained such a workmanlike pace.

Writing this blog has made me a more disciplined writer, and a better lawyer. It has changed the way that I think about myself. And the monthly visitors to the blog include readers from all 50 states. That is just terrific.

Most importantly, I think the blog has helped its readers. Just today I received an email from a reader in Vermont with a pending Social Security disability claim. He had accurately analyzed his claim under Social Security's sequential evaluation by reading this blog. That is awesome.

Thank you for reading.