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My colleague Colorado Springs attorney Tomasz Stasiuk has authored a terrific response to the 11 Percent ALJ on his Colorado Social Security Disability Benefits Law blog.

Tomasz examines five of the points made by the 11 Percent ALJ, and persuasively knocks down all five. His article is a must read for anyone involved in the Social Security disability process.

{update: Georgia disability attorney Jonathan Ginsberg has published his take on the 11 Percent ALJ in his Social Security Disability Blog. Jonathan's article is titled Lack of Consistency Among Social Security Judges a Problem. Jonathan finishes his article with this intriguing thought: "In my view a judge who approves significantly fewer cases than his peers ought to be reviewed and asked to justify his performance."}

This is a good example of how legal blogging should work. One person raises an issue. Another takes the reins and adds valuable analysis. A conversation takes place, and everyone is the better for it. Hopefully there are enough of us now writing about this specialized area of law that the conversation will continue.

This is my 100th post on the Social Security Disability Lawyer. I feel this blog has come a long way from its humble beginning, and that I am just now starting to hit my stride as a legal blogger.

One unexpected bonus for me has been getting to know Social Security disability lawyers around the country through this blog, particularly those like Tomasz and Jonathan who are writing regularly about this area of law.