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We are listing ten top reasons to write a hearing brief in the first ten days in July. The list of best practices for claimants' representatives includes a request for concise pre-hearing briefs. Look for a reason a day through the 10th of July.

Reason #6  Have the judge "on the same page"

When a claim is unexpectedly denied, it sometimes seems that the judge had a completely different view of the claim than you did. A hearing memorandum reduces the risk of these unexpected denials, by clearly setting forth your assessment of the medical evidence and the legal reasoning supporting the claim. And since the hearing memorandum stays in the record, the judge can refer back to it long after your opening statement at the hearing has been forgotten.

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I have two disability hearings in Portland tomorrow morning.  The hearing briefs have already been submitted. Interestingly, the husband of claimant #1 recommended me a year ago as a Maine Social Security disability lawyer to the husband of claimant #2, who then retained me. And now, a year later, the two claimants have back-to-back hearings with the same U.S. Administrative Law Judge. Both husbands will be in attendance.