Welcome! This site is written for Social Security disability claimants, for their legal representatives, and for the network of people involved in the Social Security disability claim process. I hope you find it helpful.
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My first post on this blog was 15 years ago today! It is hard to believe that 15 years have gone by. Both personally and professionally, much has changed since I began.

Personally, I was newly married when I started the blog. We had just bought a house. We now have a 13 year old daughter, who is amazing. Our careers have matured. We are just in a different place than we were back in 2008.

Professionally, I did not expect a blog to be so useful as a lawyer. Of course, it is an effective platform to market a law practice specializing in Social Security disability. But writing blog posts requires me to evaluate the issues in this area of law in a very precise way.

The blog also serves as a repository for the legal research I have undertaken over the years. If I haven’t dealt with a specific issue for a while, there is often a previous blog post on that topic that has the exact language that I need, along with citations to the applicable regulations. It is an amazing resource for me, and hopefully for readers as well.