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Social Security has a number of policy rulings that expand upon the regulations contained in the CFR. Social Security Rulings are binding on all components of the Social Security Administration, in accordance with 20 CFR 402.35(b), and are to be relied upon as precedents in adjudicating cases.

Anyone serious about representing clients before the Social Security Administration needs a good working knowledge of the rulings. The rulings can win cases for you, and can help to frame issues in a Social Security disability case.

The SSA’s website has a list of Social Security Rulings by Year. It is worth bookmarking on your computer, so you have the full list of rulings readily available. Each listed ruling is linked to the actual ruling, so it is an excellent reference. There is also a list of Rulings by subject matter.

The lists makes it easy to find a Ruling if you only remember the year or the topic. But the lists are also worth browsing, and you may find a Ruling you either did not know about or had forgotten about.