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There are many benefits to being a Social Security disability lawyer. You are able to help people who really need the help, and it is very gratifying when a claimant receives disability benefits.

I received a Fully Favorable decision on a claim where, in addition to getting disability benefits for the client, I may have helped to save her life.

When I first met this client, she had not had medical treatment for several years. I said that I would not take the case unless she resumed medical treatment (ongoing medical treatment notes, and an opinion from treating doctors, are invaluable to support a disability claim).

The client complied, and during the initial work up the medical providers found a cancerous tumor in her kidney. They quickly operated and removed the tumor. She is now cancer free. Had the tumor been left untreated even for a few more months, the prognosis would have been very poor.

I am very pleased to get benefits for this deserving client. More important, I am pleased that she resumed medical treatment, and a malignant tumor was detected before it was too late.