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Working on initial disability claims, from the application itself through the DDS review process, is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job as a Social Security disability lawyer.

Most of my practice involves preparing disability claims for hearings before administrative law judges, but a certain percentage of my cases are initial claims or claims at the Reconsideration level.

Often we can gather the evidence necessary to get disability benefits paid after the initial review, without having to go through an appeal process. This saves a great deal of time and worry for the client, and often results in a lower fee paid to the lawyer as well.

Some claims are not going to be granted upon initial application. Often more medical evidence is needed. But some claims already have a significant medical record. If it is possible to obtain medical source statements from the treating doctor(s), these cases can be ready to go on a fast track.

As a lawyer, I enjoy initial claims for several reasons. First, I work closely with the local Social Security office and the disability examiner, which is a change of pace from those disability claims that are already at the hearing level. Second, there is no greater result for a client than getting a claim granted right away. I like doing the work to make that happen.

One group of disability claimants that benefits greatly from the involvement of a lawyer at the application stage is those age 55 and over. The lawyer can plays an outsized role in these claims, because much of the disability determination rests on the past relevant work of the claimant. Making sure that the vocational evidence for these claims is properly presented is very important.


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