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There is a good article by Nebraska disability law attorney Timothy J. Cuddigan in the September 2012 Social Security Forum, a newsletter for NOSSCR members.

Mr. Cuddigan suggests using a checklist for hearing preparation. Here is what he says:

Checklists help pilots prepare for a safe flight and surgeons avoid complications during an operation. Real estate closings have reams of documents and use checklists to make sure all details and contingencies are covered. Using a checklist to prepare for a disability hearing helps you:

  • Prepare in an organized and consistent way
  • Master the important facts in each case
  • Develop a theory of your case
  • Address the challenges and potential problems in your case
  • Prepare your client to testify
  • Identify the evidence you need to develop to win the case

Here is the Hearing Preparation Checklist provided by Mr. Cuddigan (link opens 3-page pdf).

A checklist is a good idea to ensure that all aspects of a claim are prepared. I am going to give a checklist a try, to see how it helps my case preparation.