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Here are eleven posts from 2011 that are worth revisiting, or worth reading for the first time if you missed them when originally published:

  1. The Social Security "Logical Bridge"
  2. One Residual Functional Capacity, Two Outcomes
  3. The 2010 Waterfall Chart
  4. Statement from a Spouse
  5. A Modest Proposal
  6. 75-Day Hearing Notice Should be Nationwide
  7. Top Reasons for Appeals Council Remands
  8. Be the ALJ
  9. Your Functional Limitations are the Nuts and Bolts of Your Social Security Disability Claim
  10. Medical Expert Testimony by Telephone at an ALJ Hearing
  11. Ten Tips for Writing Effective Hearing Briefs

It is worth noting that this blog now has over 500 posts. When I started writing for the blog in May of 2008, I had no expectation that I would reach such a milestone. This site has become an integral part of my life as Social Security disability lawyer, and I cannot imagine my law practice without it.

Thank you for reading.