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I came across a Social Security disability law blog recently, and liked what the lawyer had to say. Check out the North Carolina Social Security Disability Attorney blog by Vaughn Clauson.

I enjoyed the blog because the author provided his opinion and insight regarding many of the topics of his posts, rather than just reciting a news story or providing a disability law tip. Furthermore, there is engagement in the blog, which is all to rare in this space. He commented on a post on another blog, and gave his opinion. That's the way it is supposed to be.

I follow dozens of Social Security law blogs. Too many are written in a vacuum, as if no one else is writing about the same area of law and discussing similar issues. Ideally, the Social Security disability law "blogosphere" should be a group conversation. It is refreshing to see a legal writer reach out to the disability law community through his blog. We are all the better for it.

Please take a look at Vaughn Clauson's blog. You can then subscribe to it by email, or through your RSS Reader.