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There has been quite a bit of chatter about a recent report and subsequent Associated Press article stating that the Social Security disability trust fund is running dangerously low. My strong advice to you is not to worry about it. The sky isn't falling.

Negative headlines about Social Security get repeated over and over these days, often by those who simply disagree with the Social Security disability insurance system. 

There were also some unfortunate comments from SSA Commissioner Astrue in that AP article, suggesting that those out of work due to a poor economy "take a shot at disability" due to economic desperation. That certainly has not been my experience with clients applying for disability benefits, and Commissioner Astrue really should know better.

Those with Social Security disability claims have enough to worry about without adding concerns about Social Security's solvency. My advice to those applying for disability benefits is to spend your energy managing your health and making your claim stronger prior to your hearing.