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Having to complete the Disability Report – Appeal (Form SSA-3441-BK) means that your claim has been denied. This form accompanies the appeal of the unfavorable determination of your application for Social Security disability benefits.

That initial denial is often a shock to people who have applied for disability benefits because they can no longer work. Don't miss the 60 day appeal deadline. You do not want to start all over with a new claim. The form can be completed online, or you can complete the form by hand. Download a copy of the form SSA-3441-BK here.

The Disability Report – Appeal is an update. The form specifically asks about any changes in your medical condition, new limitations, and new treatment since you filed the last a disability report. The report also asks for a list of your current medications. You don't have to rewrite the entire Adult Disability Report that you completed (either online or on that green paper form) when you first applied for benefits.

This is an appropriate time in your case to obtain legal help. The appeal process is an excellent opportunity to frame the issues in the claim for an eventual hearing. I would much rather get involved right now than later in the process. Remember, an attorney fee is contingent upon winning your claim, so it does not cost a penny to get help right away.