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In a recent blog article entitled Another Reason You May Be Denied Your Social Security Disability Benefits, Indiana Social Security disability attorney Tom Ebbinghouse makes an excellent point regarding denials of Social Security disability claims by the various DDS agencies determining Social Security disability and SSI claims. [These agencies are known by slightly different names in certain states; they are called Disability Determination Services (DDS) in Maine and New Hampshire, but called the Disability Determination Bureau (DDB) in Indiana.] 

First, Tom quotes from the Winter newsletter of NADE (the National Association of Disability Examiners):

It takes an average of two years for a newly hired disability examiner to become fully trained and proficient to the point they can function independently and contribute to the process of making timely and accurate disability decisions. … Low salaries, hiring restrictions and the stress of the job have contributed to high attrition (12.3%) in the DDSs.

Tom then concludes:

Constantly having to replace 12.3% of the workforce and it taking two years before they can function independently, plus the stress of the job to get the work out fast, combined with low pay, may be a reason that DDB makes the wrong decision so many times.

The important point for you is that you should not be discouraged when your claim is turned down at the initial or reconsideration stages. [bold emphasis added]

I completely agree. 

Do not be discouraged by the initial or reconsideration denial of your disability claim. A denial by DDS does not mean that your claim does not have merit. 

Make sure that you appeal that denial within 60 days. And, while you’re at it, please get some help with your claim, which may improve your chances of ultimately receiving disability benefits.