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You do not need any money to hire me to represent you before the Social Security Administration. Attorney fees for a Social Security disability or SSI claim are contingent on winning the claim. That means that you pay a fee only if you win, and when you are awarded benefits. You pay no fee if your claim is denied.

The attorney fee is 25% of the retroactive benefits awarded in your claim. This fee subject to a “cap” imposed by Social Security. The current fee cap is $6,000. So the fee is 25% of the back benefits or $6,000 – whichever is less.

Attorney fees for Social Security claims are regulated by the Social Security Administration. The SSA must approve any fee that is charged in a Social Security case. Typically, the SSA approves the fee agreement, calculates the back benefits and the fee, and pays the fee directly to the lawyer.

A fee agreement sets forth these details so that there is no misunderstanding. Both the client and I sign a fee agreement at the beginning of my representation.