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If you have an ALJ hearing scheduled for Tuesday, May 27th (the day after Memorial Day) the last business day to submit new evidence here in Region 1 is Friday, May 16th. 

In New England we have a 5-day-ahead-of-the-hearing deadline for new evidence. That requirement is a remnant of the experimental DSI process in SSA Region 1. 5 days means 5 business days, which excludes holidays, such as the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Furthermore, some judges are interpreting this rule as requiring 5 full days prior to the hearing, which effectively makes it an 8-day rule. Add a 3-day weekend, and you have a deadline for new medical evidence that is 11 days ahead of the hearing. It can be a trap for the unwary.

There are exceptions to the 5-day rule. But you do not want to go to a hearing with important evidence that might be excluded because it was not timely filed.