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Twice recently I was contacted by claimants who moved to Maine, and had their pending Social Security disability claims transferred to the Portland, Maine ODAR, which quickly set the claim for hearing. In one case, I was able to pull everything together for in time for the hearing. The other case, however, needed a continuance.

The HALLEX has a provision regarding rescheduling hearings. See HALLEX section I-2-3-10.E.2.

The ALJ may also find good cause for changing the time or place of a scheduled hearing, based on other circumstances. …

Examples of other circumstances a claimant may give for requesting a change in the time or place of a scheduled hearing include, but are not limited to, the following:

a. the claimant has attempted to obtain a representative, but needs additional time;

b. the representative was appointed within 30 days of the scheduled hearing and needs additional time to prepare for the hearing;

c. the representative has a prior commitment to be in court or at another administrative hearing on the date scheduled for the hearing;

Take a look at the HALLEX provision, which is linked above. It is definitely worth reviewing for those situations when a hearing must be rescheduled.

For another look at this topic, read Tomasz Stasiuk’s article on postponing a hearing.


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