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Free Claim Review

Dear Social Security Payment Center,

I know how busy you are. And I know how promptly you pay most claims, once there is a favorable determination or an ALJ decision.

Every now and then, however, payment on an approved disability claim gets stalled for no particular reason. I have one of those claims now, and my client is stuck until he receives his disability benefits.

I checked with the local office first. They sent a message to you, but you didn't answer.

So that's why I have been calling you. Part of a disability lawyer's job is to ensure that the benefits are paid. I know you have the claim, because the Social Security automated file locator gave me your telephone number. If you would answer your phone, we could discuss the claim and expedite payment. But until you answer your phone or return my call, I will keep calling and leaving voicemail messages.

I hope to talk with you soon.


Gordon Gates