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March 22, 2014


Regarding "I am curious to see how quickly the claim gets granted. I will let you know." my (only, so far) is with my own SSDI claim as I have a CAL condition. I got awarded in 11 days from electronically submitting my application and Disability Report and hand delivering the 827 to the FO, to the date of the Award Letter!
I had an extra advantage that I work (VERY p/t at the present) as a Representative for others applying for or appealing SSA decisions, so I had a very good idea what information SSA/DDS needed or didn't need to make a CAL decision. I pretty much just recited the criteria listed on my condition and how I met them and entered several places on the App and Report something like "I believe that this qualifies as a CAL condition." I followed that with contact to the DDS Examiner as soon as I found out who was assigned, and offered to be of any assistance I could be. I never was asked to fill out a Function Report or Work Activity/History Reports (other than that on the Disability Report).
I don't know if the speed of my award was faster due to that advantage I had, but my guess would be if a claimant or representative just adequately documents the listed CAL criteria and somehow calls that to the attention of DDS the program should work as expeditiously as it should. One can always submit more information later if the claim isn't awarded on a CAL basis.


Thank you for your comment, and I hope you are doing well.

My expectation is that the claim will be granted as soon as the disability examiner gets confirmation of the condition. I am curious to see whether a claim flagged as a compassionate allowance gets processed and assigned to a disability examiner more quickly. Usually it takes at least several weeks for an initial claim to be assigned to an examiner at the Maine DDS.

Again, I hope you are doing well.

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